Director                                       Hiroyuki Ishii
      President                                     Masao Hayakawa
Our educational policy       Based on the concept that "a company is it's people", one of our core policies                                            is to enhance the quality and ability of our employees through training so that                                          they will always inspire the confidence of our clients.
Main Financing Banks       Mizuho Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking corporation,                                           The Bank of Yokohama, Shoko chukin Bank, Resona Bank
Major Handiling Items       Bare copper, Alminium and other related products, Electric cables,                                           Submarine cables, Machinery, Plant and other general import export cargos
Category of Business         General port shipping, Customs clearance, Warehousing,                                            Freight shipping and handling, Oceangoing shipping service,                                          Vessel agency, Road transport of general freight,                                           Loss insurance agency, Life insurance agency
Directional Philosophy       Based on respect of human relation, labor and                                           management will work together for the growth of our business.                                          As a leader of port and harbour industry we fullfill our social                                           responsibilitiesand achieve prosperity.
      Director                                       Yoshihisa Ogawa
      Director                                       Masayuki Hamai
      Director                                       Hisako Hayakawa
      Director                                       Naohisa Miyagawa
      Exective Director                        Yoshihiko Kawahara
      Exective Director                        Michio Momoi
      Exective Director                        Isamu Sasaki
      Exective Manasing Director       Yasuo Koike
Employees                       67
Issured Stocks                 930,000
Capital                            46,500,000 YEN
Home City                      49, 5-CHOME, HON-CHO, NAKA-KU,                                        YOKOHAMA 231-0005, JAPAN                                        TEL. +8145-212-6856
Founded                         1885 (Meiji 18)
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